Hair fall is a severe issue for everyone. It not only hampers the overall appearance of a person; it breaks his or her confidence also. Everybody does not have the density of hair they want. Along with that, severe hair fall due to various reasons can lead to baldness.

There are various over-the-counter medications, cosmetic lotions, and oil available in the market. You may have used them for many a time. But those are not so helpful in treating your hair loss problem.

Here comes the importance of hair transplant treatment. Hair transplant treatment is a surgical process that uses your hair grafts for transplantation. We extract healthy hair follicles from the back of your scalp and then implant them into your recipient area.

FUT and FUE are mainly the two types of hair transplant methods available in the medical world. The process of implantation of your healthy hair follicles is the same for all forms. But the excision technique is different.

So, are you confused about which method is beneficial for you?

Well, continue to read the article to know why you should invest in the FUE method.

In FUT (Follicular unit transplantation), the process of excision leaves a scar on your donor area because we need to extract the hair follicles surgically by cutting a strip from the site.

Whereas, in FUE, there is no requirement of cutting a strip. We extract your hair follicles by the use of a punch tool. As a result, there will be no scar at all.

In my opinion, the main advantage is that FUE hair transplant treatment allows the picking of hair follicles one by one. It gives us the freedom to select healthy and most suitable hair follicles one by one from your scalp.

It is a huge benefit because, in other methods like FUT, we have to find an area with healthy hair follicles in high volume. It is less invasive; less invasive means relatively more comfortable for the patient because of less pain, less swelling, faster recovery time, and you know less overall complication rate.

So that is the most critical advantage, which is why more and more patients and more and more surgeons are moving towards an FUE treatment. Of course, there are no stitches, so you don’t need to remove the stitches. Hence, there is a significantly less chance of infection also.

The second main advantage is that FUE hair transplant allows cherry-picking of hair. In the FUT procedure, we can utilize all those hairs that we get in the strip taken out from the scalp. Even if individual hair is thin, not very suitable for hair transplant, we still have to use them.

Whereas, in FUE, we can selectively leave these hairs. We can leave those follicular hair units which have single hair or which have fragile hair. 

If you want to leave the grey hair, we can also go to them in FUE. On the other hand, which is not possible in the FUT method.

Third, we should invest in FUE because the overall scarring is comparatively less. FUE technique is not scarless as well. Because it gives you tiny dots after the process, but it looks okay at large.

So, if a person wants to keep short hair, it may be possible to do that with an FUE procedure. Because of a thin linear scar, hair transplantation of 1500 to 2500 grafts may not be possible in FUT.

Fourthly, the Recovery time consumption for FUE is again lesser than any other hair transplant procedure. The chance of getting inflammation and infection is relatively less in the FUE method. As a result, the recovery period is also less.

The disadvantage of FUE is that it is more time-consuming for the surgical team. Hence it is slightly costlier for the patient.

Again, the second procedure, FUE, becomes slightly more complicated, particularly in inexperienced hands.

If you have already got an FUE treatment done and opt for a second or a third procedure of FUE hair transplant, that becomes slightly more challenging for a not-so-experienced surgeon. Whereas, if your first hair transplant surgery was the FUT method, the second procedure becomes a bit easier. Because, in this case, you have a lot of virgin areas.

Though there are few disadvantages of FUE hair transplant treatment yet, we prefer FUE the most. Because the treatment is minimally invasive and has the least number of side effects, these are the reason you should invest in FUE hair transplant procedures, even if the cost is a bit high.