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Circumcision is a centuries-old practice that has been employed for cultural, religious, and medical purposes by numerous civilizations. The reason and procedure for circumcision have evolved through the years. 

The ZSR circumcision in Jaipur is currently the latest technology that makes the procedure simple, accurate, and safe for the patient. We at Rejuvena Cosmo Care offer circumcision with this new technique. 

Dr. Deepesh Goyal, an acclaimed plastic surgeon, is an expert in all types of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. He is the most searched doctor for ZSR circumcision near me in Jaipur, as patients have immense trust in his expertise. Also, the ZSR circumcision cost in Jaipur at Rejuvena Cosmo Care is affordable.   

You can book an appointment with Dr. Deepesh Goyal at Rejuvena Cosmo Care for ZSR circumcision in Jaipur.

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Now, let’s understand what ZSR circumcision is?

ZSR circumcision is a simple stapling technique that removes the foreskin of the penis area. Circumcision surgery is most commonly performed on infants, although it can also be performed on adults. This procedure is the most efficient method for treating phimosis and achieving a uniform circumcision shape. It requires no stitches and does not produce even a drop of blood during the operation.

Why do people undergo circumcision?

  • Due to some religious and social beliefs, this procedure is performed on newborn babies.
  • Better cosmetic appearance
  • Circumcision reduces the risk of numerous diseases such as cancer, STD, UTI, and foreskin infection.
  • It helps treat balanitis, which is swelling of the penis.
  • It treats phimosis and paraphimosis, where the penis cannot retract the skin.

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What is the procedure for ZSR circumcision in Jaipur?

  • He will start the procedure by providing local anesthesia.
  • Then the doctor will retract the foreskin and place the safety rod.
  • The ZSR stapler is secured in the correct position over the safety rod.
  • The skin is cut and stapled at the same time.
  • The stapler secures a silicone ring to the penile region, which automatically comes off after 10-12 days.
  • The safety rod and the ZSR circumcision stapler are then removed, and the penis is pressed a little with a bandage to detect any active bleeds.
  • The bandaging is then applied, and the patient can return home.
  • The ZSR circumcision procedure takes around 10-15 minutes.

What are the ZSR circumcision side effects?

ZSR circumcision is a very safe procedure that offers excellent results. However, if not done by an expert, it can have some side effects such as:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding

So, it is necessary to get the ZSR circumcision procedure from an experienced doctor who is an expert in it, like Dr. Deepesh Goyal.

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What are the benefits of ZSR circumcision?

There are several benefits of ZSR circumcision in Jaipur, like:

  • It is a stitchless procedure
  • Bloodless and painless
  • Quick procedure 
  • Discharge on the same day

What precautions should be taken after ZSR circumcision?

  • Before touching the operated region, always wash and sterilize your hands.
  • Keep the surgical area dry and clean.
  • Until the wound has healed, do not use any over-the-counter ointment or oil.
  • Unless otherwise specified, you can dress normally.
  • Change your dressing as directed by your doctor.
  • The silicon ring helps most staplers fall off on their own. The doctor will check for any leftover staples during your follow-up visit.

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Why choose Rejuvena Cosmo Care for ZSR circumcision?

  • Dr. Deepesh Goyal, the founder of Rejuvena Cosmo Care, is a plastic surgeon par excellence and expert in all types of plastic surgeries, including ZSR circumcision.
  • He was awarded the ‘Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon of Rajasthan, 2019’ for exemplary work and dedication.
  • The hi-tech clinic is fitted with the latest equipment and technologies which help deliver outstanding results.
  • At Rejuvena Cosmo Care, we offer a range of cosmetic procedures such as hair transplant, breast augmentation, chin surgery, hymenoplasty, liposuction, and many more.
  • The ZSR circumcision stapler price at our clinic is economical and suits most budgets.

Curious about the possibilities? Consult with Dr. Deepesh Goyal for your customized makeover plan.


How long does it take to recuperate from ZSR circumcision?

ZSR Circumcision is an outpatient procedure, and you can go home within a few hours. In 24 hours, you can resume your everyday routine.

What activities should you avoid after circumcision?

It would be best to avoid exercises, athletic activities, jogging, and weight lifting for around three weeks. Even you should refrain from sexual activities.

Why is ZSR circumcision preferable to other circumcision techniques?

ZSR Circumcision is a no-stitch, scarless daycare procedure that takes only minutes to perform. It gives excellent aesthetic results. After the process, the patient may urinate normally and has the lowest risk of infection.

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