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Rejuvena Cosmo Care is One-Stop Center for Hair Transplant, Body Contouring & Liposuction, Breast Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Rejuvenation, Scars Removal, Rhinoplasty and many more!


Our center is headed by Dr. Deepesh Goyal, a well qualified Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon with a Special interest in various cosmetic surgeries. Post MBBS, he has done M.S. and M.Ch. in plastic and cosmetic surgery from India most renowned college Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (IPGMER and SSKM Hospital), Kolkata.


Meet the Best Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon in Jaipur

Dr. Deepesh Goyal is the best cosmetic surgeon in Jaipur who possesses rich experience in diverse types of cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction, breast reconstruction, and augmentation, body contouring, hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, and scar removal. At Rejuvena, we not only enable patients to improve their aesthetic appearance, proportion, and symmetry but also boost their self-confidence that adds to the sense of well-being. Cosmetic surgery can bring drastic and long-lasting changes to the outside appearance which positively impacts the patients’ confidence, self-esteem, and overall personality of the patient.


As the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur, Dr. Deepesh Goyal undertakes plastic surgery with a high level of expertise that intends to improve the dysfunctional areas of the body. Further, plastic surgery is reconstructive and some of the plastic surgeries undertaken at Rejuvnena include breast reconstruction surgery, hand, microvascular, burns, and Trauma surgeries. With the growing emphasis on improved body shape and appearance, the selection of a plastic or cosmetic surgeon is one of the core decisions that are required to be made by the individuals who want to have a perfect body and appearance. At Rejuvena, the updated knowledge of our plastic and cosmetic surgeon helps treat patients with the utmost care and patience.


Affordable hair transplant treatment is now possible with the best cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Jaipur

Hair Fall and Hair Loss are some of the major problems found in individuals that occur due to increased stress, poor lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. In the case of extreme situations, the doctors suggest patients undergo hair transplant surgery to avoid further hair damage. Looking for the best hair transplant in Jaipur that is affordable and can help you overcome the problem of hair loss? Your search ends with the highly experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Jaipur Dr. Deepesh Goyal who has expertise in treating multiple problems related to skin and hair. Our expert hair transplant surgeon undertakes a complete examination of the scalp and thereafter suggests the most appropriate treatment for the hair problem.


Apart from the hair transplant treatment, the experienced cosmetic surgeon in Jaipur also offers quality treatment for a wide range of problems related to other body parts such as the face, skin, nose, breast, and lips. This includes cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, breast reconstruction, and augmentation, facial rejuvenation, along with scar removal and Rhinoplasty. Moreover, as the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur, the treatment is also offered for microvascular, burns, and trauma injuries.



Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can the voice of the patient change after nose surgery (rhinoplasty)?

A small change in voice after nose surgery is possible, but it is rare. Professionals who depend on their voice, such as singers, should share any concerns with our plastic surgeon in Jaipur since the nose plays a vital role in how we sound.


2. Can we undergo a second nose reshaping if the previous surgery does not deliver satisfactory results?

Sometimes a touch-up is necessary after nose surgery. But it is better to wait for a year before undergoing any additional surgery. It also allows the maximum time to see the final results of the surgery.


3. Which aesthetic surgical procedures are performed to reduce the effects of aging?

There are various levels and degrees of facial aging caused by the natural aging process, heredity, and lifestyle habits. Our cosmetic surgeon in Jaipur is well-trained to address all sections of facial rejuvenation. A facelift tightens and raises the excess skin in the face and neck region. 

Additional procedures are available to improve the forehead, eyes, mouth, chin, and neck appearance. Fine wrinkles on the face may be best treated by skin resurfacing techniques, like laser resurfacing, chemical peels, or other skincare treatments.


4. Which body areas are treated with liposuction?

Our plastic surgeon in Jaipur can treat most body areas with liposuction, though females' most common sizes are the abdomen, hips, and thighs. Men are usually treated for liposuction in the chest, hips, and stomach. Liposuction is not restricted to these areas, though other parts may include under chin area, upper arms, and buttocks.


5. Is there any difference between Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery?

The difference generally exists in the purpose of surgery. The major goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve one's appearance. In contrast, reconstructive surgery is done to improve personal health, body function or alleviate disease and is often considered medically necessary.



Rejuvena Cosmo Care is a center for hair transplant in Jaipur very well known for its hair transplant surgery and hair loss treatments. Established in 2015, we have successfully performed over 500 hair transplant with great results so far.

Gynaecomastia is an effective treatment option for men having enlarged breasts. 


This surgery has the potential to improve your appearance as well as your body posture. 


It will save you from any embarrassment and boost your confidence.

Rejuvena Cosmo Care is the first preference when you in search of a clinic for Liposuction in Jaipur. Liposuction is a surgical procedure which removes stubborn excess fat deposits in various areas of the body including buttocks, thighs, abdomen, neck, and back. This treatment can be used as a stand-alone for treating a specific area

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