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Chin Surgery in Jaipur

Many people are unhappy with their chin or jaw, which may look out of proportion to their face. Fortunately, now you can correct it with the help of chin surgery (genioplasty). Chin surgery in Jaipur is a relatively popular procedure. It is a cosmetic surgery that repositions or reshapes your chin to enhance your facial symmetry.

Dr. Deepesh Goyal, one of the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur, is an expert in this procedure. He specializes in all aspects of plastic surgery, from hair transplant to cosmetic procedures to reconstructive surgeries. A keen eye for aesthetics, along with in-depth knowledge and experience, allows him to provide outstanding results.

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Now let’s understand how chin surgery can improve your appearance?

Chin surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery used to alter the appearance of the chin. It may comprise procedures such as placing an implant to increase chin size or removing a portion of the jawbone to minimize chin size.

The following issues are treated with chin surgery in Jaipur:

  • Retrogenia or receding chins
  • Excessively extended or large chins 
  • Asymmetrical or misaligned chins that are either too long or too short
  • Improper dental bite

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What are the different types of chin surgery in Jaipur?

Sliding genioplasty 

In this procedure, Dr. Deepesh Goyal, one of the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur, uses a saw to cut the chin bone away from the rest of the jaw and shift it to treat a chin deficiency. It is also known as osseous genioplasty. People with significant retrogenia or a chin that is too far back in comparison to the rest of their face should consider this form of genioplasty. It can also aid in the correction of chins that are excessively long and pushed forward.

Chin implants

Chin implants help to reshape, expand, or move the chin forward in the face. We can do it through surgery or injections. Chin augmentation surgery is inserting a plastic or silicon material into the chin and attaching it to the bone. The most prevalent are alloplastic implants. Nonsurgical chin augmentation entails injecting fillers, such as body fat, into the chin with needles to improve its appearance.

The procedure for sliding genioplasty

chin surgery

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Generally, this chin surgery in Jaipur is performed under general anaesthesia.

To begin, Dr. Deepesh Goyal will pull your lower lip down and cut on the gum below your bottom teeth. The chin bone is then detached from the soft tissue. For reference, he will make a short vertical line in the chin with a saw. When the bone is moved forward or backward, it ensures it remains straight.

The surgeon then makes a horizontal cut along the chin bone. By cutting at different angles, the surgeon can alter the chin’s height. He may cut out a wedge-shaped portion of bone if they need to make the chin smaller or move it backward.

The bone fragment is slid forward, backward, or sideways. The surgeon will examine the alignment and file any excess bone around the jawline after positioning the chin. They will use screws and a metal plate to join the chin bone to the jaw.  The surgeon will close the incision with sutures. Then, he will apply compression tape to the outside of your mouth and chin to protect the area during the healing process.

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The procedure for chin augmentation 

chin augmentation

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Your surgeon can either cut within your mouth or beneath your chin to place a chin implant. He will have moulded the implant to the correct size and form before surgery, making it ready for placement. With the help of screws, he will secure the implants to the bone.

He will close the wound once the material is inserted. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours to complete this treatment.

For nonsurgical implants, dermal fillers or some of your fat is injected.


Many factors determine recovery time:

  • The type of procedure
  • The extent of surgical modifications
  • The rate at which the body heals
  • Complications if any 


You can return to work after seven days following the chin augmentation procedure.

After few weeks, the chin may look healed. But complete recovery happens when there is no evidence of residual swelling, which can take up to three months.

Patients who have had chin surgery should see their surgeon regularly so that their physician may evaluate their healing and handle any issues.

Sliding genioplasty and implant operations cause scars and take a longer time to recover than dermal fillers.


Curious about the possibilities? Consult with Dr. Deepesh Goyal for your customized makeover plan.


Is sliding genioplasty surgery painful?

Many patients are quite surprised to learn that genioplasty is a relatively painless treatment. Since you will still be in pain in the days after surgery, your surgeon will prescribe the pain medication. Within a few weeks, the pain and swelling should go away completely.

What is the cost of chin surgery in Jaipur?

At Rejuvena Cosmo Care, one of the best plastic surgery clinic in Jaipur, the cost of chin surgery depends on:

  • The type of surgery you opt for
  • The level of modification
  • The size of the implant
  • The type of implant used

To know the actual cost, visit the clinic for consultation.

What are the complications of chin surgery?

Some risks of chin surgery are:

  • Infection
  • Nerve damage that can cause numbness in the lip or mouth
  • Allergic reaction to implant material or filler
  • Change in the position of implants
  • Exposure of screws

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