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  • Is Your Belly Fat Impacting Your Quality Of Life?
  • Do You Want To Get Rid Of Unwanted Abdominal Fat?


Then, instead of wasting time, not being comfortable with your own body, and losing your confidence, you should get back in shape with the help of an experienced plastic surgeon in your city, Jaipur.


Rejuvena Cosmo Care is one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in Jaipur. Dr. Deepesh Goyal, our Founder, is a renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Jaipur. Dr. Goyal is best known for his expertise in plastic surgery in Jaipur. Moreover, he performs Abdominal Liposuction in Jaipur using advanced techniques to achieve desired results.

Getting liposuction in Jaipur done from Dr. Goyal is an assurance in itself that your surgery would be successful, and you will get a new look to boost your confidence and self-esteem.


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What is Abdominal Liposuction?

It is a cosmetic procedure used to shape the abdomen. It involves removing excess skin and fat from the stomach, tightening the abdominal wall’s muscle and fascia.

The location of the abdominal fat is crucial for determining the success of liposuction. Abdominal fat occurs in superficial and deep levels. Superficial fat, which is located above the abdomen’s muscles and below the skin, can be removed by liposuction. For successful liposuction, the age and amount of fat play a vital role to a large extent. 

Liposuction is usually sought by patients with loose tissues after pregnancy or individuals with sagging after significant weight loss. This saggy abdomen will change an individual’s entire body structure.

What To Expect At The Initial Consultations For Abdominal Liposuction In Jaipur?

abdominal liposuction
  • The consultation begins with an assessment of the patient’s goals. The surgeon then provides the patient with a realistic appraisal of what can and cannot be achieved by liposuction.
  • The surgeon performs a thorough physical examination. The surgeon examines the patient for excessive fat, asymmetry between the two sides, dimpling, varicosities, and adherence zone.
  • The abdomen is carefully examined for hernia, significant abdominal wall laxity, abdominal scars, history of abdominal radiation, and anything that might affect abdominal wall integrity.

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How is Abdominal Liposuction Performed?

1. Preoperative Marking:

The surgeons make markings on specific abdominal areas before the procedure. These markings enable the surgeon to visualize the targeted convexities, avoid concavities and address asymmetries when the patient is lying on the operating table.

The areas to be marked or dealt with during an abdominal liposuction procedure include:

  • Lower Abdomen
  • Side flanks or the love handles
  • Upper abdomen
  • Upper sides bulges
  • Lower back
  • Upper back or the Bra folds


2. Administering Anaesthesia:

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. The patient is first prepped in the lying position, allowing easy access to the back, flanks, buttocks, lateral thighs. Then, the surgeon turns the patient into a supine posture.


3. Incision:

  • The surgeon can address the abdomen, love handles, upper abdomen, and upper sides in the supine position.
  • The surgeon places the Foleys catheter only for excessive fat suctioning.
  • The wetting solution is allowed to stay for at least 10 minutes for maximal vasoconstrictive effect.
  • The surgeon aspirates the fat from various small incisions. Their location depends upon the area being suctioned.
  • The surgeon inserts the cannula into the deep plane first. The surgeon moves the cannula back and forth in a fan-like pattern.
  • Cross-tunnelling is recommended for most areas to avoid contour deformity. Several factors determine the endpoint of the aspiration-
  • The contour of the patient
  • Aspirate volume
  • Pinch Test -simply pinching and rolling the skin between one thumb and the index finger helps assess the underlying subcutaneous tissue’s thickness and smoothness.

Why Should You Choose Rejuvena for Abdominal Liposuction in Jaipur?

  • Dr. Deepesh Goyal is a skilled plastic surgeon in Jaipur, having done 1000+ surgeries.
  • We have served most of the customers with 95% satisfaction.
  • Our surgeons use the latest techniques that match international standards.
  • Our procedures are minimally invasive and have a shorter recovery period.
  • We provide cost-efficient treatments and offer easy payment options.


Make an appointment at Rejuvena Cosmo Care if you want to get rid of unwanted abdominal fat. Our plastic surgeon will examine you to determine if you’re suitable for liposuction.

Curious about the possibilities? Consult with Dr. Deepesh Goyal for your customized makeover plan.


What happens if you don't wear a compression garment after liposuction?

Without compression helping your body reabsorb fluid, post-op swelling can linger much longer than necessary. Your results will look better overall. Compression helps your skin contract to its new contours. It is essential for optimal liposuction results.

Does it take longer to recover from abdominal liposuction?

Your surgeon may suggest wearing a compression garment for 1 to 2 months after surgery to control swelling. You’ll probably also have to take some antibiotics to prevent infection. Most patients resume work within a few days and get back to normal activities within two weeks. However, every patient is different.

Does skin tighten after abdominal liposuction?

People with firm, undamaged skin without stretch marks may notice adequate skin tightening after liposuction. Individuals with thin, sun- damaged skin or stretch marks may feel skin deflation after liposuction.

What can one expect after abdominal liposuction?

After the procedure, you can feel mild discomfort and see bruising, redness, and swelling. Taking prescribed medicines can relieve the pain. Your surgeon may instruct you to wear a compression garment to help reduce swelling and promote healing.

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