Best Hair Transplant in Jaipur

Body Hair Transplant in Jaipur

Body Hair Transplant in JaipurDo you want to undergo a hair transplant but don’t have good hair on your scalp for routine hair transplantation? Then, you are the best candidate for the body hair transplant method.

Body hair transplants offer a dual purpose by bringing unwanted body hair to the scalp as it is more productive. It increases the available donor hair supply for people with adequate full-body hair.

At Rejuvena Cosmo Care, we provide the best hair transplant in Jaipur even though you have less donor hair on your scalp. In such cases, we perform a body hair transplant in Jaipur to utilize your body hair to cover small, thinned hair or bald areas. 

Read on to know more about body hair transplant, its cost, procedure, and advantages.

What is Body Hair Transplant?

Body hair transplant is a promising option, and you can undertake it as a substitute for other hair transplant methods. Body hair transplantation is also beneficial in transplanting hair to cover scars caused by trauma or streaks.

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How is a body hair transplant performed?

Step by step FUE procedure

  • Body hair transplantation practices the same extraction method as FUE, but the hair removal takes place from different body areas rather than the scalp.
  • The number of grafts needed is more as a body hair follicle usually provides single hair per follicle.
  • Body hair transplant occurs differently, such as removing a strip of the scalp, transplanting it, or even using a hair extractor.
  • Some of the most excellent body hair transplantation results come from beard hair, but we also use body hair in some patients.
  • Before a body hair transplant, you should consider that the hairs in other body parts are different in quality from those on the scalp.

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What is the body hair transplant cost in Jaipur?

The cost of body hair transplant in Jaipur is reasonable than other types of hair transplants, as they take less time due to less dense body hair transplants. It depends on the number of grafts needed to restore hair, the size of the treated area, and the type of hair transplant. We provide EMI options to people for easy payment which makes the hair transplant cost in Jaipur affordable to people.

What are the advantages of a body hair transplant?

  • The benefit of a body hair transplant with the FUE procedure is that it provides natural results and protects the donor area from trauma.
  • The FUE technique offers more opportunities to the donor region, allowing the hair graft extraction from different body parts.
  • You get sufficient grafts to cover the bald areas on the scalp.
  • The results achieved by beard hair grafts can, in some instances, be as good as those of scalp hair grafts.
  • You can get rid of undesired body hair and utilize it for other needed purposes.

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Why choose Rejuvena Cosmo Care for body hair transplant?

  • Rejuvena Cosmo Care is one of the top-rated hair transplant clinics in Jaipur. The center is headed by Dr. Deepesh Goyal, one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Jaipur.
  • Founded in 2015, we have done 500+ hair transplant surgeries. We provide the best body hair transplant in Jaipur by executing advanced techniques like the FUE hair transplant method.
  • The FUE procedure is a scarless method. So, you can undergo a body hair transplant at Rejuvena Cosmo Care without the concern of getting any flaw.
  • Our team comprises seven highly experienced surgeons and technicians skilled in assisting the hair transplant methods and customizing surgery plans.
  • Rejuvena has state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced hair transplant techniques that match international standards to achieve desired results.
  • Our team of skilled surgeons ensures that you receive the best body hair transplant in Jaipur. For body hair transplant, immense skills are required, which our surgeons have earned by performing many transplants.
  • Furthermore, we are improving and developing our techniques to get the topmost level of satisfaction. We strive to meet the highest aesthetic expertise with a personalized touch and care.

Book an appointment at Rejuvena Cosmo Care and seek the best and most suitable hair transplant to restore your hair.

Curious about the possibilities? Consult with Dr. Deepesh Goyal for your customized makeover plan.


Can the scalp and body hair grafts be performed in a single session?

Yes, your surgeon can do the body to scalp hair transplant in a single sitting. But, if chest hair graft implantation is needed, it may need one more session.

Does body hair grow longer on the head?

Yes. It has been seen that the transplanted hair grafts gradually get characteristics of scalp hair in terms of nature, texture, and color.

When can you shave or trim after a beard body hair transplant?

You can shave on the third or fifth day itself. Beard recovers faster than the scalp. Shaving will help clean the donor region and will decrease scar formation by removing crusts.

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