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Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery in Jaipur

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery repairs facial and body abnormalities caused by birth deformities, tumours, injury, disease, developmental abnormalities, or aging. Reconstructive cosmetic surgery is usually performed to enhance body function. However, it can also restore a more natural look and boost the patient’s confidence (this may also be called cosmetic surgery).

Rejuvena Cosmo Care offers various reconstructive cosmetic surgery in Jaipur by Dr Deepesh Goyal with effective results. Dr Deepesh Goyal is one of the proficient plastic surgeons in Jaipur. Moreover, Dr Goyal is well-known for his expertise in advanced and less invasive plastic surgery in Jaipur.

Who is eligible for Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery?

Patients of all ages can benefit from reconstructive cosmetic surgery, whether they are an infant with a congenital condition, a young adult involved in an accident, or an elderly adult with an aging problem.

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery is performed on two groups of people:

  • People who have been born with a congenital disability such as craniofacial irregularities, cleft lip, or hand deformations.
  • People with physical flaws such as those resulting from an accident, disease, or aging.

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How is Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery performed?

reconstructive surgery

  • In reconstructive cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeons use various methods and procedures. Plastic surgeons also perform reconstructive cosmetic surgery in breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, repair of post-operative and post-traumatic defects, etc.
  • Moreover, surgeons can perform microsurgeries to transfer tissues to cover the affected region where local tissue is insufficient in this type of surgery. Hence, muscles, fats, free skin flaps, or a combination are separated from one part of the body and transferred to the other.
  • Suturing veins and arteries as thin as one or two millimetres in diameter reconnect them to the bloodstream.
  • Plastic surgeons focus on minimizing the visibility of scars to the greatest extent possible.
  • Our plastic surgeons ensure that the patients get the most satisfying and desired outcomes after their reconstructive cosmetic surgery in Jaipur.

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What are the Risks and Complications of Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery?

Any surgery brings some risks and complications. The anatomy and ability to heal vary from person to person. Depending on the nature of the surgery and the patient’s health, a few of the complications and risks related to reconstructive cosmetic surgery are:

  • Infection
  • Severe bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Issues in wound healing
  • Reaction to anesthesia

Complications may increase if the patient:

  • Smoke
  • Have connective-tissue injury
  • Have damaged skin due to radiation therapy
  • Have decreased blood flow at the operated site
  • Have weak immunity
  • Have bad dietary practices

Other risks can exist, depending on the patient’s medical condition. Before the surgery, make sure to discuss any queries with the surgeon.

If you are interested in reconstructive cosmetic surgery in Jaipur, make an appointment with Rejuvena Cosmo Care to know more about the treatment, results, cost, and other information.


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Is the recovery painful after reconstructive cosmetic surgery?

Every patient has a different capacity to bear postoperative pain. Some patients may feel the pain as a slight discomfort; others experience tremendous pain. Appropriate pain medications are prescribed to minimize discomfort.

When can the patient continue regular exercise?

The time it takes for a patient to begin daily workouts depends on the type of procedure done. On the second postoperative day, patients are advised to start a slow walking exercise.

For the first two weeks, patients should avoid regular aerobic and more intensive exercises to reduce the risk of bleeding, swelling, and bruises.

When would the patient be able to return to work?

For the first two days, most patients may need assistance. Although certain patients are self-sufficient, they can need help if they have infants to take care of.

What kind of anaesthesia is used in reconstructive cosmetic surgery?

The surgeons can use one of the three types of anaesthesia, depending on the procedure:

  • Local: Numbs the immediate area; used for minor procedures
  • Local plus sedation: Numbs the immediate area and relaxes the mind and body
  • General anaesthesia: Allows the patient to sleep during the surgery

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