Deciding on having an eyebrow transplant is usually a huge step for the patients since the outcome will bring them transformative results. Therefore, they typically put great attention on choosing the best clinic and allocate a lot of their time to search on the hair transplant methods, surgeon options and other operation-related problems.

Although patients are usually much curious about the procedure and put great effort to learn more about it, unfortunately, they may not do the same for the aftercare process and might tend to minimize it. Patients assume that once the eyebrow hair transplant is done, the journey and full results are also completed.

However, the aftercare process is just as essential as the procedure itself. To see permanent and beneficial effects, the patients need to take care of their transplanted areas.

Let’s have a glance at how you should watch out for your transplant eyebrows after the procedure.

Your Check-Up Consultations

An eyebrow transplant is a safe procedure, but you need to keep in mind that it is still a medical surgery and thus requires a check-up consultation.

After the eyebrow transplant, you can set a check-up sitting with your hair transplant surgeon. Your surgeon will check your surgical areas and bleeding and will change the dressing if needed. They will also explain the post-operative instructions to ensure the success of the surgery. 

One of the essential parts of advice when it comes to eyebrow transplant aftercare is to listen to your doctor’s instructions. As every patient is different, your doctor will give you personalized aftercare advice.

Remember, Progress Requires Time

Just as in the post-surgery process of a regular FUE hair transplant, the results from an eyebrow transplant aren’t instantly visible either. To see the first results, you will need to be calm. While the recovery after the surgery is much quicker, it yet needs more or less three months for new eyebrow hair to develop.

You can see the final result with the best growth at the end of the initial year. During the twelve-month aftercare process, you can always book a call with your hair transplant surgeon for your queries. 

Time to Trim Your Eyebrows

Months pass and when you see in the mirror, you look a beautiful set of full brows, how fabulous is that! But, since the transplanted eyebrow hair is taken from the scalp, it works as it is still on the scalp in the first months and grows quicker than the native eyebrow hair. 

Typically, eyebrow hair stops growing when they are around 2 or 2.5 centimeters long, but the transplanted hair will continue growing. Hence, you will need to trim them once or twice monthly. It’s nothing to worry about after some time the hair will get used to it and stop growing when it reaches the natural length.

Things to Avoid During the Aftercare Process

Please do not take alcoholic drinks for the first two days after your hair transplant. Alcohol thins the blood and may induce bleeding. If your doctor prescribes you painkillers, avoid alcohol consumption while on the medication. 

To ensure the survival of the transplanted hair, we advise not to smoke for at least two weeks after your hair transplant. After your surgery, avoid swimming for two weeks. Avoid direct sun exposure to the transplanted area for the first three or four weeks. You can use a hat to prevent the sun, and make sure to apply sunscreen as well to ensure the best protection. 

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