Chin augmentation or chin surgery is a treatment that improves the appearance of the jawline. Chin augmentation corrects a condition when the chin is overly strong or weak compared to the rest of the face.

Chin surgery entails using a modest surgical implant made of autologous bone harvested from the patient’s pelvis, rib, or synthetic implant. The implant is placed in the chin bone’s front.

At Rejuvena Cosmo Care, Dr. Deepesh Goyal offers advanced and desired chin surgery in Jaipur. He is regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in Jaipur. Dr. Goyal aims to create a chin in perfect proportion to the rest of the face with chin surgery. Besides, Dr. Deepesh Goyal is skilled in various cosmetic procedures, including rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast augmentation, and hair transplant in Jaipur.

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Types of Chin Surgeries

Chin surgery come in a variety of forms, including:


Here, the surgeon uses chin implants to complement the existing bone in the front of the jaw.

Submental Liposuction: 

Improves the jawline and facial symmetry by removing fat from the chin (submental fat under the chin).

It is possible to minimize the prominence of the chin if it is too prominent.

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Who is the ideal candidate for chin surgery?

An individual must be in good health to undergo any of the treatments. Additionally, the perfect candidate for chin augmentation may have one or more of the following facial characteristics:

  • Double chin
  • Fleshy neck
  • Hooked or squared chin
  • Prominent nose
  • Prominent nose
  • Weak chin

In some cases, plastic surgeons advise combining chin augmentation with rhinoplasty to ensure that the chin and nose areas are as appealing as possible. On the other hand, some people may require lip and chin augmentation to obtain a balanced and dynamic facial expression.

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is the process of reshaping or correcting structural abnormalities in the nose. Rhinoplasty can be used to correct facial asymmetry, improve the form and/or size of the nose, and remove flaws on the bridge of the nose.

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of fullness in the lips. Lip augmentation is frequently accomplished with the use of an injectable dermal filler. 

Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body, is commonly used in dermal fillers. These fillers improve the form, structure, and volume of the lips. Dermal fillers, when combined with chin augmentation, improve the overall appearance of the face.

Dr. Deepesh Goyal may provide a holistic approach to facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, whether a patient needs chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, or a combination of the three. He ensures that whichever procedures he does provide results are compatible with the rest of the face. Hence, Dr. Deepesh can help patients get the most out of their aesthetic treatments.

Chin - Before/After

A plastic surgeon assesses a patient’s facial features and utilizes a unique tool to envision an individual’s facial appearance with the natural aging process before chin surgery. Dr. Deepesh also analyzes the patient’s past medical records. He also offers alternate treatment choices if chin surgery or other treatments are deemed too risky.

Before beginning treatment, Dr. Deepesh Goyal addresses a patient’s chin surgery concerns and queries. He discusses the benefits and drawbacks of chin surgery, allowing patients to make more informed treatment selections. Please get in touch with us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Deepesh Goyal.

How to prepare for chin surgery?

  • Certain medications and nicotine can have a detrimental impact on the recuperation time. Hence, the patient must stop smoking and use herbal supplements or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines instead.
  • Before surgery, the patient is provided with pre-procedural instructions to recover as quickly as possible.

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The Actual Procedure of Chin Surgery

  • Often, surgeons perform chin augmentation under local anesthesia. The surgeon may give the patient pain and anxiety medicines orally before surgery.
  • The surgeon makes an incision beneath the chin to create a pocket that will firmly contain the implant.
  • Then, the surgeon anchors the implant in place directly above the bone to prevent it from moving. Further, they close the incision and place bandages.

Chin implants are long-lasting and permanent. The skin may deteriorate as you get older, but your chin implant will not. Although swelling and mild discomfort may occur during the first three or four days, you should be able to return to work within a week. The recuperation time is equally short, lasting approximately one week.

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