Smoking and Hair Loss

We all have heard the statement, “Smoking is injurious to health.” We all have seen in ads played before movies how smoking is harmful to our health and is the leading cause of lung cancer. But did you know smoking also leads to hair loss?

Yes, smoking is one of the significant causes of hair loss! Try to recall the hair of people whom you know smoke. If you are unable to recall any, from now onwards, try to observe the hair of those people! Do you find anything familiar in their hair? Yes, they all have less hair and suffer from hair loss. This proves that smoking causes hair loss.

In this article, we have mentioned how smoking causes hair loss and what you can do to control this hair loss. And in case you see no improvement, it is advisable to visit a surgeon in Jaipur. Going for a hair transplant in Jaipur in such cases would be helpful.

What effect does smoking have on my hair?

  • Smoking decreases collagen, thus making the hair dehydrated
  • It makes your hair grey
  • Smoking disrupts your endocrine system that stops them from producing healthy hormones
  • It reduces necessary vitamins needed for producing collagen
  • Smoking weakens your immune system, thus making you vulnerable to different illnesses and infections

How does smoking lead to Hair Loss?

Poor blood circulation-

Smoking reduces blood flow all over the body, including your follicles. And due to this, your follicles do not get enough nutrients that are required by them to grow healthy hair. And this leads to hair damage and hair loss.

Weakened immune system-

We all are aware of how smoking weakens our immune system, thus making us vulnerable to different diseases and illnesses. And hair loss is one of them! Smoking leads to infections in your scalp, thus restricting the growth of new and healthy hair. It damages your hair and causes hair loss.


People often smoke to reduce their stress. But do you know, smoking, on the contrary, leads to more stress. And stress is harmful to our body, soul, and our hair! Yes, stress leads to hair fall and hair damage.

Disrupts the endocrine system

Smoking affects the body’s endocrine system that leads to an increase in DHT levels, the hormone that is responsible for baldness. DHT deteriorates the quality of your hair and causes hair loss.

Now we know how smoking causes hair loss by reducing blood flow in our body. Due to the reduced blood flow, follicles cannot get sufficient nutrients needed for the healthy growth of hair. This, in turn, damages our hair and causes hair loss. We also know how smoking leads to a weakened immune system and increased stress which leads to hair loss. We are also aware of how smoking disrupts the endocrine system and increases the DHT level, the hormone responsible for baldness.

Now we will further read whether hair loss caused due to smoking can be treated. If yes, how can it be treated?

Can Hair Loss caused due to smoking be treated?

Can Hair Loss caused due to smoking be treated?

As it is said, “Every problem has a solution” and “Every lock comes with a key,” the same way there is a solution to treat hair loss caused due to smoking. Yes, hair loss caused due to smoking can be treated.

But how?

The solution to a problem lies in its cause. One can control hair loss by not smoking. Quitting smoking can help one to manage hair loss and lead to better hair growth. But it takes time. Patience is the key here! 

But even after quitting smoking for long, if you still suffer from hair loss, it is advisable to visit a hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur for proper help and treatment.

Other than smoking, there are many different reasons for hair loss like stress, etc. To control your hair loss, ensure that you eat healthy and exercise regularly. Also, cigarette companies themselves write on cigarette packets that smoking is injurious to health, then why do we buy them? Next time, before purchasing a cigarette in Jaipur, do read the line and remind yourself that “Smoking is injurious to health” and injurious to hair!

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