Are you concerned about hair loss as a result of your hair color? 

Do you fear that it can lead you to baldness?

Well, your concerns are true. Many cases show how dangerous it can be for hair coloring.  

Many people in Jaipur opt for hair coloring as one of the ways to increase their beauty. It may be a fun way to change your look. That is the reason people opt for it. 

But it can harm your hair if done incorrectly. You can prevent hair loss by using the right product and taking appropriate care of color-treated hair. 

If you have already done your hair coloring and suffering from massive hair loss, then you must take proper care of that. Whatever the extent of your hair loss and baldness is, you can rectify that by appropriate hair treatment. Hair transplantation in Jaipur can be a fantastic cure option for you in this case. 

This article will discuss six hair coloring suggestions from hair transplant specialists in Jaipur to help you make the proper selection.

Use a hair color that is free of ammonia:

Many hair dyes include ammonia, an alkaline chemical that can cause damage to your hair. Thankfully, there are various non-chemical, non-ammonia-containing, and even natural treatments available that are much gentle and even nutritious to your hair. You must use those chemical-free hair dyes for your hair aesthetics.  

Do not use any bleach:

As per your hair transplant specialist in Jaipur, you must not go for a color that is more than three shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. Changing your hair color to a higher light shade may necessitate extensive bleaching, which will lead to hair damage. 

Hair coloring doesn’t cause hair loss, but bleach can. Bleach burns your hair strands and may hamper your hair follicles permanently. So stay away from hair bleaching.

Use a protein pack:

Hair coloring can weaken your hair; therefore, getting a protein treatment done along with hair coloring is an excellent option. While the cuticle is fragile from the coloring process, these proteins (typically keratin) strive to bring nutrients back into your hair. According to Dr. Deepesh Goyal, the chief of Rejuvena Cosmo Care, this decreases the harm done to your hair and may leave your hair coloring more smooth, lustrous, and healthy.

Consider a temporary color:

As temporary hair dyes are devoid of ammonia and peroxide, they are less harmful to hair. They are also known as hair gloss because they may add shine and modify the color of your hair. 

It would help if you went for the option of using a semi-permanent color. When compared to permanent colors, it contains less harsh chemicals. It will be good for your scalp as well. Your hair follicles and hair roots will stay healthy even after using these hair colors. 

Consider using a color that has a conditioner: 

Conditioners are used in the manufacture of several conditioning hair dyes. Conditioners smooth and detangle your hair while also protecting it from harm. According to your hair transplant surgeon in Surat, avoiding conditioners might cause hair breakage and the appearance of thinning hair. It will be harmful in the long term.

Taking proper care of dyed hair:

Colored hair requires extra attention. Make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for color-treated hair. Haircare does not stop at the salon, so if you are getting color or chemicals in your hair, contact your doctor for home care recommendations. A decent wash and masque may make a big difference to your damaged hair.

Address your hair loss adequately:

The sooner you treat hair loss problems, the more likely you are to avoid permanent harm. Get the information you need to begin treatment right away. 

As per your requirements, Dr. Deepesh will suggest you the most appropriate hair treatment for you. You can have a hair transplant treatment there is baldness or massive hair loss. You can also have a PRP treatment. 

In this case, your hair transplant surgeon can suggest you the best option. So book your appointment now. Here in Rejuven Cosmo Care, you do not need to think about the cost of hair transplant treatment in Surat. The clinic provides all the treatments at a competitive price. 

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