If you are going to have a hair transplant in Jaipur, you should avail the most effective treatment for you. Hair transplant is the most effective treatment to cover your bald scalp.  

Let us see 5 things you should consider while choosing your hair transplant surgeon.

Choosing the right surgeon and team

It is by far the most important aspect while you are opting for a hair transplant treatment. We would say that do proper research before choosing any surgeon. Check the affiliation of the surgeon. Along with this, try to know the doctor’s experience because experience makes the doctor more competent for the treatment. You should check the testimonials of the previous patients. It can give you a clear idea about the surgeon and his treatment.

Again, it is not only the surgeon who is essential; you must know about his team as well. If you have chosen the appropriate clinic and surgeon, then the technicians would be profoundly skilled.

Know about your surgeon’s training and background properly.

While choosing the best surgeon for your treatment, gather adequate information related to the doctor’s training and background. You should check what specialization your doctor has. You should check all the certifications of your surgeon too. If your doctor is a good hair transplant surgeon, he/she must have certifications in dermatology and plastic surgery. Check the appreciation of your doctor’s work. It can be proof of authentication. 

Dr. Deepesh Goyal is a very famous and well-experienced doctor in hair transplant and plastic surgery in Jaipur. He was awarded the ‘Best plastic and cosmetic surgeon of Rajasthan’ award in 2019. He has done his super specialization in Plastic surgery from S.S.K.M. hospital in 2014. So, you can opt for the treatment from our doctor without any doubt. 

The dual specialty of both the surgical methods

 Your surgeon must be an expert on both F.U.T. and F.U.E. procedures while performing the hair transplant treatment. The treatment procedure depends on your requirements and the quality of the donor’s hair you have. There are pros and cons of both treatment procedures. Hence, your hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur should have adequate knowledge about these two procedures so that he may guide you with the best treatment process.  

Again, our surgeon may advise you to undergo direct hair transplant treatment as well. But remember, the treatment procedure will be decided after having a proper examination of your situation. In most cases, we prefer to undergo F.U.E. treatment. The recovery is far more comfortable if you avail of the F.U.E. procedure for your hair transplant surgery.

Always choose the best clinic with the most modern technology.

You must not compromise the standards of treatment and hygiene while you are selecting a clinic. Avail a consultation session with the doctor before the procedure. Check every required detail about the clinic before starting with the treatment. You should check whether your surgeon is using the most modern tools and techniques or not. Remember, your hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur should be accustomed to the most updated modern techniques.  

We at Rejuvena Cosmo care are well equipped with state of an art clinical facility. All our tools are as per the international medical standards. 

Along with this, we take utmost care about the cleanliness and welcoming environment at our clinic. All our staffs are highly skilled with most modern treatment procedures. 

One to one consultation before the treatment

A proper consultation is another important thing that you should look at. Any reputed hair transplant specialist will always insist on having a consultation session before the surgery. The consultation session is the best time to discuss the expectations of the patient. If your expectation is unrealistic, our doctor will explain the whole scenario to you. 

Do not get trapped with the salespeople. If you see that the salespeople are providing the first consultation, you should avoid the clinic. We at Rejuvena Cosmo Care always insist you have a consultation session with our experienced hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur before the procedure.

Cost and aftercare

You should know about the cost of treatment beforehand. Generally, hair transplant treatment cost depends on the number of sessions and number of hair grafts required for your surgery. During your first appointment for a consultation, have a clear idea about the price. Then take your time and prepare according to the requirements.

The cost of hair transplants in Rejuvena Cosmo Care is easily affordable for everyone. We generally calculate the price on a per graft basis. It starts from Rs. 20 per graft, where each hair graft contains about two to four hair.

Do not go for the highly discounted price for your treatment. A hair transplant surgeon with adequate knowledge and experience will keep the pricing as per the market standard. 

Along with this, you should be sure that your hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur provides proper aftercare. Though the treatment is safe and side-effect-free yet, our hair transplant surgeon will take appropriate care of your complications after the treatment as well. 

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