Anyone affected by hair loss often suffers a great deal because of it. A full head of hair is important to women in particular, as healthy hair helps them to feel beautiful and attractive. It is an expression of our individualism, a symbol of health and femininity. Beautiful hair affects not just our self-esteem, but also our influence on others: our hair is a fundamental part of our personality.

So hair loss is more than just a visual problem, as many affected women also suffer emotionally from it. The change usually starts very subtly: women feel more insecure and try to conceal their hair loss. They avoid situations in which their thinning hair could be noticed, e.g. escalators or swimming pools, and often change their style of dress as well as their hairstyle.
In order to better understand the effect of hair loss on women who experience it, we interviewed 1,140 women in a large survey.* What effect does your hair loss have on your daily life? On your self-confidence and your emotional stability? The answers show that hair loss is a serious problem for those affected.

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