More than 4000 hair grafts hair transplant treatment done by FUT method

FUT method

Patient Review

  • Patient’s Name: Prateek Meena
  • Patient’s Age: 29
  • Patient’s Gender: male


  • The patient was suffering from massive hair loss in
  • Baldness in temple region and crown area

Case Presentation

Mr. Prateek Meena, 29, arrived at Rejuvena Cosmo Care with the complication of massive hair loss and baldness. During the initial meeting, Dr. Dipesh Goyal, our hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur, offered him a thorough consultation. Androgenetic alopecia was seen in the patient. As a result, Dr. Goyal informed the patient that he would need a hair transplant treatment to rejuvenate his scalp hair.

Hair transplant cost in Jaipur at Rejuvena Cosmo Care facility is very reasonable. Thus it was not an issue for the patient. Patients can also get EMI services in the clinic.

Mr. Prateek Meena had reached stage 6 of baldness. On both sides of his skull, right above the ear, he had very little hair. Our doctor chose FUT to treat him. The procedure necessitated the implantation of more than 4000 hair transplants. Here all the healthy hair grafts were taken from the back of the scalp.

Treatment and prognosis

  • FUT hair transplant treatment
  • Hair transplant treatment

Physical Examination & Tests

  • Physical Examination
  • Pull test
  • Pre operative blood test
  • Full scalp examination
  • Complete blood count (CBC)

Post-Operative Assessment

After the surgery, the patient was advised to follow the postoperative precautions properly. He was given aftercare sessions as well. Dr. Deepesh prescribed few medications as well. As a result the patient easily got a cure from the surgical pain. After the treatment, our doctor prescribed Minoxidil solution and other multivitamins for proper regrowth of newly transplanted hair. 


The treatment was very successful. The patient had a sufficient number of healthy hair grafts in the rear portion of the scalp. So, there was no problem in getting the required number of 4000 hair grafts. The patient was delighted with the result. The newly implanted hair not only covered his bald scalp it also brought confidence in him. As per the patient, he was always looking for something, and he can never thank enough to our doctor.

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