Facing hair loss problem is a prevalent issue these days. As a result, there is a massive requirement of hair loss treatment. Platelet Rich Plasma and Mesotherapy, both are very effective in solving your hair loss problem in a non-surgical way.

So, let us discuss Mesotherapy vs PRP treatment for hair loss.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) 

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) treatment has gained massive attention due to its high success rate. It is an effective treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia.

The PRP therapy is a three-step treatment where your blood is extracted, processed and then injected into the bald region of your scalp. According to the medical practitioners, the procedure sets off the hair growth in scalp naturally. Sometimes the process is combined with other hair loss treatments or medicines to get the highest possible result.

The activation in hair follicles ultimately rejuvenates the damaged tissues and slows down the hair loss process.

What is the procedure of PRP therapy?

The PRP treatment procedure is as follows-

Step 1:

Our doctor extracts approximately 50 ml of blood from your arm.

Step 2:

Then the blood goes to a centrifuge for separation. The centrifuge then spins the blood at a very high speed to separates platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red platelets from the blood sample.

Step 3:

Separated platelet-rich plasma is collected in a syringe by our doctor.

Step 4:

We use iodine or alcohol to clean your affected area of the scalp.

Step 5:

Then our doctor injects the Platelet-rich plasma into that affected area.

In most of the cases, you will require four to six sessions in 4-6 weeks duration. After that, you might need a couple of sessions according to your requirements.

Who is an appropriate candidate for PRP? 

Anybody can opt for PRP treatment who is suffering from hair loss problem or baldness. But remember we do not prescribe it to the people who are experiencing liver issues, bleeding problems, chemotherapy and skin issues.

Along with these, the individuals who have a low pulse, who and chain smokers, should not choose PRP treatment.

Benefits of PRP treatment:

  • The PRP treatment is a non-surgical process
  • There is no scope of having a scar
  • It is a safe procedure as the patient’s blood cells are used
  • The process is least painful
  • It triggers the blood flow into the hair follicles on the scalp busting your hair growth
  • The cost of treatment is comparably less than other methods
  • It controls the hair growth cycle
  • There is no side effect

Side effects of PRP hair treatment: 

Since it includes infusing a substance into the skin, there might be potential results of contamination, nerve wounds, pain, and tissue harm but all of these occurs very rarely.


Mesotherapy is very beneficial for hair loss also. Starting from a thin density of hair to alopecia, Mesotherapy can treat all your hair problems. It includes injection of all effective medicines into your scalp during the treatment.

Mesotherapy treatment procedure:

The hair treatment process includes

  • Gently cleaning your scalp with medicated ingredients
  • Injecting small doses of highly active medicines into the scalp
  • It helps in improving blood circulation to encourage hair growth

The treatment requires seven to eight sessions, with a duration of thirty minutes for each.

You will see the visible result after the completion of your fifth session. The treatment has a high success rate in curing baldness.

It can treat androgenetic alopecia very effectively. Again, it treats rapid hair loss due to different causes like nourishing inadequacies, persistent ailment, climate changes, stress, and so on.

Benefits of Mesotherapy: 

  • The treatment is straightforward and comfortable.
  • There is no requirement of surgery
  • Consumes minimal time (30 minutes for each session)
  • Painless
  • No need for post-treatment care.

Side effects Mesotherapy:

The most well-known side effect is bruising and soreness in your scalp area. These generally go away within a few days.

Comparison between Mesotherapy and PRP therapy for hair: 

PRP includes various infusions of platelet-rich plasma, while Mesotherapy consists of different natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and many more.

We inject the ingredients into the mesoderm layer of your skin while performing Mesotherapy, whereas we inject the platelet-rich plasma into any layer of the skin.

Mesotherapy needs around 5-8 sessions, Whereas, PRP takes approximately 4-6 sessions for noticeable outcomes.

Every session of Mesotherapy requires just thirty minutes, Whereas, PRP takes about one-hour in each session.

PRP treatment is costlier than Mesotherapy.

As noticed, PRP as well as Mesotherapy can be viable similarly and can give you highly effective results when utilized in blend with each other.

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