According to Dr. Deepesh Goyal, a renowned plastic surgeon in Jaipur, hair issues are a major concern among youths nowadays. There is a steady increase in the number of patients visiting his clinic, Rejuvena Cosmo Care looking for hair loss treatment.

He recommends various treatments based on your problems, such as PRP, scalp rejuvenation treatment, mesotherapy, and hair transplant in Jaipur. Scalp massages are frequently suggested for thinning hair or hair that might use a little more natural volume. 

Aside from the soothing effect, let’s find out whether scalp massage actually promotes hair growth.

What is a scalp massage?

A scalp massage is a technique that involves gently massaging the head with the fingers in a circular motion to stimulate blood vessels, nerve endings, and muscles. 

This pleasant sensation induces feelings of relaxation and well-being. The method is a key component of holistic medical therapies such as Ayurveda for illnesses like headaches and stress-related issues, and its favourable benefits on mood. 

On the other hand, science has taken a keen interest in scalp massages, particularly in relation to hair growth.

Are scalp massages effective?

There are two reasons why experts feel a scalp massage can help with hair regrowth. According to Dr. Deepesh Goyal, an experienced plastic surgeon in Jaipur, “an essential component is the activation of the blood vessels when massaged.” 

He explains that increased blood flow through the scalp provides more nutrients and oxygen to the follicles, promoting hair growth. 

Studies have found that just 4 minutes of scalp massage every day for several weeks resulted in a considerable increase in hair cycle development. Furthermore, 24 weeks after starting the massage, it enhanced hair thickness.

A scalp massage’s soothing and stress-relieving characteristics are well documented, and it’s a treatment that isn’t limited by location or time, and it doesn’t always require a masseuse because you can do it at home. 

The easiest method to do a scalp massage is every time you wash your hair with shampoo, but you can also do it with oils or no product; the effects will be the same.

Time is the key to an effective scalp massage. “It should last at least 5 or 6 minutes to be truly beneficial,” Dr. Deepesh Goyal recommends.

What role does scalp massage play in hair growth?

The hair follicles are positioned just beneath the skin and are responsible for the growth of your hair.

Hair follicle grows by adding additional cells and pushing up from the skin. We have roughly 100,000 hair follicles on our scalp that grow much quicker than the remaining 5 million hair follicles throughout our body.

Humans, regardless of genetic predisposition, lose their hair during their lives. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the average person loses 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. 

A scalp massage stretches your hair follicles’ cells, causing them to “fill in” the empty area by promoting their growth. It increases the pace of hair growth, resulting in thicker hair.

Ways in which scalp massages help with hair growth 

1) Massages boost your blood flow

Scalp massages dilate the blood vessels beneath your scalp, which helps to prevent hair loss. More blood rushes through your head due to this process, bringing more nutrients and eliminating waste from your hair follicles. Your hair follicles are more likely to stay robust and thrive if you have greater blood circulation.

2) Scalp massages help to relieve stress

Scalp massages are beneficial for reducing stress, which is a significant contributor to hair loss. Stress can cause hair follicles to become dormant, weakening them and making them more prone to falling out. Stress, in particular, can result in any of the following:

  • Alopecia areata is a condition in which your immune system malfunctions and attacks your hair follicles.
  • Telogen effluvium is a condition in which the structure of your hair deteriorates to the point where it falls out when combed or washed.
  • Trichotillomania is a condition in which you have sudden and uncontrollable cravings to pull your hair out.

Scalp massages help to promote hair development indirectly by lowering stress hormones that cause hair loss. If your body isn’t constantly responding to high-stress situations, it’ll be more likely to devote time and energy to keep your hair healthy.

However, if scalp massages do not help, don’t be disheartened. You can book an appointment at Rejuvena Cosmo Care for consultation with our ace plastic surgeon in Jaipur, Dr. Deepesh Goyal, for result-oriented hair loss solutions.

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