Hair transplantation is a surgical technique. It includes extracting healthy follicles from a high thickness region of your body to the balding area. Mainly area like the hairline or crown region is the most preferred area of your scalp for this. 

These days people are opting for hair transplant treatment as the solution for their hair loss issues. It has been proven that a hair transplant is the most secure and permanent option to fight against baldness. People in Jaipur are not different from this. However, everyone in Jaipur is not a suitable person for a hair transplant in Jaipur. Visit our best hair transplant clinic in Jaipur for your hair transplant treatment.

Few things determine whether you are the right candidate for the treatment or not.

First things first, few things can make you a suitable candidate for the treatment. These are as follows-

  • To undergo a hair transplant treatment, you require an adequate amount of hair grafts from your donor body part. Along with this, your doctor needs to utilize these hair follicles efficiently too. Only then can you meet your expectation. So, the coverage you can get from this surgery depends on the availability of hair follicles in your donor area. So, keeping realistic expectations is compulsory.
  • You can treat male pattern baldness through hair transplant treatment very effectively. Even, it benefits female pattern baldness too. But you are not a suitable candidate for a hair transplant if you are suffering from diffuse unpatterned alopecia (DUPI). In this case, you will have unhealthy donor hair.
  • Again, hair density is significant. The hair density in your donor region decides the success rate of the treatment.
  • The character of your hair is also essential. The quality, life cycle, and color of your hair in the donor region need to be similar to your scalp. Our expert doctors will take care of these things before performing the treatment.
  • Hair transplant treatment includes a surgical procedure, so be very sure whether you are willing to undergo the surgical treatment or not. The extraction process is minimally invasive. The process can be either FUE or FUT that we will decide according to your requirements.
  • You may experience few specific side effects right after surgery. Side effects like inflammation, infection, swelling, and bruising can develop. But these will go away within a few days. So, ask yourself if you are ready for these.
  • Generally, we apply local anesthesia in your treatment area before the surgery. Still, you may experience mild to medium irritation and pain after the surgery. So be prepared before your treatment. We will provide you certain medications to ease the pain too.
  • It would help if you avoided things like smoking and alcohol before availing of the treatment. You will need to stop having certain blood thinner medications too.
  • To get well soon, you should follow our recommendations. It will include avoiding heavy exercise, swimming, heat, and sun, etc.
  • Your age plays another critical role in this surgery. You are an ideal candidate if your age is between twenty-five to sixty-five.
  • Above everything, your overall health should be in good condition. Your immune system should be strong enough to reduce the risks and complications. It will help you in your faster recovery.
  • You must inform everything about your health to the doctor while availing of the treatment. Your doctor will guide you to the best option for you.
  • Above everything, your doctor will understand your situation correctly. So, you must follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Now, ask yourself if you are a person who fits with all of these things or not. If the answer is yes, then you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant treatment. Hence contact us.

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