It’s estimated that more than half a million people have a significant facial disfigurement, according to the charity Changing Faces.
Whether it’s a birthmark, congenital condition, or disfigurement caused by injury or disease, you can be treated by the NHS after a referral from your GP.
While medical treatment can help to make a disfigurement less noticeable, the treatment’s success depends on the nature of the condition, and it’s rarely possible to remove it completely.
Psychologists warn that if you believe surgery will solve everything, you are likely to avoid ever accepting yourself fully, and this will affect your emotional wellbeing.

Saving Faces: The Facial Surgery Research Foundation is dedicated to improving research into the treatment of all forms of facial disfigurement.
The surgeons and researchers throughout the country collaborating to work out which treatments offer the best results.
“The surgery is irreversible, whereas the effects of a drug wear off”. “There’s been no randomized study to compare the efficacy of different types of facial surgery.
“The type of treatment offered depends on the individual surgeon. Our research aims to identify what works best.”


Face Surgery Clinic in Jaipur

Your face is the first place where the visible signs of aging appear. Few of the early symptoms make the fine lines appear which makes you feel inferior about your look. Face surgery is one such medical therapy that makes you feel good and provides a complete look transformation, facelift, or helps you get rid of the aging signs. This helps the face appear younger, fresh and skin to be firm. Rejuvenacosmo care is one stop for face surgery clinic in Jaipur in the most affordable cost and under the supervision of expert professionals.


Face surgery is a medical-surgical process which helps you improve the overall facial features, fix the aging signs and also boost the confidence by giving you the desired look. Few of the fixes that can be done with facial surgery are:
• Creases below the lower eyelids
• Sagging in the middle of your face
• Creases along the side of the nose reaching the corner of the mouth
• The absence of face fat
• Loose skin and fatty deposit under the chin and jaw
• The lower face skin tone loss, which is responsible for creating jowls


The medical process at Rejuvenacosmo care – one of the premium face surgery clinic in Jaipur, is performed in conjunction with a facelift and includes, brow lift, eyelid surgery, autologous fat transfer to fill deep creases and hollowed areas. The idea is to rejuvenate facial skin and facial implants to augment facial contours.
Liposuction of the face and neck region is an integral part of the facial surgery so as to remove fatty tissues and give your face a natural look. It also helps to tighten the facial muscles. To further compliment the process, chemical peels, Botox, and fillers are also used.



The amount of time taken for recovery varies from patient to patient. It is suggested to take complete rest for a couple of days post face surgery and sleep with head elevated for the first two weeks. This minimizes the swelling and prevents the face from excessive force, swelling or motion during the time of healing.


Possible Risks

• Bleeding
• Swelling
• Facial nerve injury followed by weakness
• Infection
• Skin loss
• Fluid accumulation
• Persistent pain
• Prolonged swelling
• Skin irregularities and discoloration
• Deep vein thrombosis
It is very important to consult an expert before undergoing facial surgery as not all procedures fit everyone. General health is evaluated and options are discussed before performing the surgery. The medical conditions, drug allergies, and medical history are discussed rest assuring analysis of all the available options.

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