If you are considering hair transplant surgery, Jaipur is the right place. However, the question of whether you will lose hair after your surgery may be bothering you. Yes, there are many surgeons who offer hair transplant treatment in Jaipur.

However, only some of them can give you a long-lasting hair transplant. So, before we answer your questions, let us first explain how the hair transplant is conducted and why you should go for it?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure. Your hair transplant surgeon extracts hair follicles from a donor area on your scalp and implants them where your hair is thinning or balding.

Your surgeon will extract the follicular units or different strips of hair follicles and transplant them into your balding or thinning area.

Why should you go for a Hair Transplant?

Below are reasons why you should opt for a hair transplant if your hair is balding or thinning:

Natural hair regrowth

A hair transplant is a blessing for people who want a natural-looking hairline. In the surgery, your hair is transplanted from the donor area to the recipient area. It perfectly matches the texture and the appearance of the donor’s hair with the existing hair.

Minimal downtime

Hair transplantation does not require a long time for recovery. After taking some rest for a few days, you can continue your regular activities. However, make sure to consult your surgeon before you do any of your physical activities.

Pain and scar-free

If you opt for any hair transplant methods, and your surgeon performs them properly, there will be no visible scar present on your scalp.

Hair transplantation surgery occurs under local anaesthesia. So, you will have no pain during the sessions.

Cheaper in the long run

Non-surgical methods of treating hair loss may seem like an under-the-budget option. However, they require extensive maintenance. The cost of care adds up and increases the overall cost.

So, if you desire a hair loss treatment, which will last your whole life, do not look anywhere other than hair transplantation.

Now that you learned why opting for a hair transplant is beneficial for excessive balding. Let us move to the actual question.

Will I go bald after a Hair Transplant?

If you speak about the transplanted hair loss, then yes, you will lose all of it after 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure. However, it is natural. It allows your new hair to start growing.

Many people see excessive new hair growth in the next 8 to 12 months after the surgery. However, if you ask about overall hair loss after hair transplant surgery, this must be discussed in detail.

Remember the essentials

You need to remember that hair transplant adds hair in the areas where it no longer grows naturally. Even though a hair transplant is permanent, it is not a “cure” for baldness.

As the male pattern or female pattern, hair loss is because of dihydrotestosterone hormone or DHT; it causes your hair follicles to shrink and prevent the production of new hairs.

If you see your hairline receding or hair thinning on top of the head, a hair transplant cannot prevent this from occurring. It can only add hair back into the affected areas on your scalp.

If you do not have any treatment with your hair transplant to solve hair loss’s root cause, you might continue losing hair even after a successful hair transplant procedure.

This type of hair loss may result in an unusual hair loss pattern. Transplanted hairs are usually invulnerable to pattern baldness. However, the rest of the hair on top of the scalp is affected by DHT, so thinning continues. It forms an awkward balding pattern at the back of your head, where hair was not transplanted.

What can you do about it?

To solve the root cause of pattern hair loss, you must go for a DHT blocker treatment. Consult your plastic surgeon in Jaipur for such a medicine. Take such medications after your transplant procedure to prevent more hair loss or thinning.

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