Fighting against baldness and hair loss can become very stressful. People in Jaipur have availed various measures like using over-the-counter products to control their issues. Yet, hair transplant treatment is the most effective process for your hair loss issues.

Numerous individuals don’t have an adequate measure of hair follicles in their back part of the scalp. At the same time, they have a sufficient number of good hair follicles in different body parts. Thus, a body hair relocation treatment is, by all accounts, a decent choice for them.

Rejuvena Cosmo Care is giving special treatment compared to other hair transplant treatments in Jaipur.

Our hair transplant specialist in Jaipur, for most cases, do not prefer hair transplant using body hair if your scalp has good hair follicles. Keeping all things in consideration, hair transplant treatment utilizing your body hair is useful in the following cases:

  • If the number of hair follicles isn’t sufficient in your scalp.
  • The quality of your hair follicles in your scalp area is not so useful for the treatment.
  • You have a scar in your donor area due to any previous accident.

In these cases, there is no other choice than extricating your body hair for the treatment. Be that as it may, before going for your body hair, we generally attempt to get good hair follicles from your facial hair area. Your facial hair has similar attributes to your scalp hair. In this way, if your beard has enough hair follicles in your facial hair region, we can utilize them too.

In body hair transplant treatment, the more hair follicles you have in your body parts, the more it makes you qualified for the treatment.

The technique we use for your hair transplant treatment using body hair is as same as some other hairs relocate treatment.

In ordinary cases, we take hair follicles from your donor area of the scalp. In body hair transplant surgery, we remove hair follicles where you have fair hair density. We apply local sedation to provide painless treatment. We generally use a punch tool for separating hair follicles by the FUE technique. After the extraction procedure, we make pockets on your bald scalp and implant those extracted hair follicles individually.

Presently a couple of cones you should know before choosing a body hair restoration treatment. 

Besides your facial hair, there are some contrasts between your hair on the scalp and the hair in your body. The most affecting components are the state of your recently relocated hair, like life cycle, surface, and quality.

  • The quality will not be quite the same as your scalp hair.
  • The length of the recently relocated hair won’t ever go back as your scalp hair.
  • The surface and thickness will not be quite the same as your normal scalp hair.
  • Whatever the thickness of your body hair is, we need to utilize them for adequate coverage on your scalp.

Presently let us see the benefits of body hair restoration treatment. 

Even though there are not many issues identified with body hair transplant treatment yet, people will go for the treatment for a few reasons.

• When your scalp needs more hair follicles, at that point, your body hair is the ideal choice.

• You can utilize your body hair to get a flawless hairline. In any case, remember that for the hairline, you should use the body hair with your scalp hair. It will give you a superior hairline.

• As a large portion of your body parts stay covered undergarments, nobody can see the scar because of the hair extraction. Indeed, even you are opting a strip a medical procedure, and nobody can see the spots.

• Again, your body hair functions admirably as a filler to expand your scalp hair thickness.

If you want to go through a body hair restoration treatment, get in touch with us here.

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