Hair transplantation is a cutting-edge hair restoration procedure. It is now available in Jaipur. Hair transplant surgeons recommend it to individuals with severe hair loss or baldness. Since hair transplantation is a surgical treatment, the patient must adhere to strict pre and post-operative care to get the desired results from the best hair transplant in Jaipur. Depending on the type of hair transplant, these guidelines may differ.


Hair transplantation involves extracting hair follicles from a donor site and implanting them in a bald area. The hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur would advise patients not to wash their hair for at least a few hours following the hair transplant. The next day, the patient can shower with the water gently running over the treated area.

What is the best way to wash your hair after a hair transplant?

The first hair wash following a hair transplant usually occurs 48 hours after the procedure. On the third day, it is preferable if a specialist nurse does it at the clinic.

After a hair transplant, tissues and micro-wounds require 48 hours to recover.

Right after that, you can wash your hair. While cleaning your hair, be cautious about the following steps.

Moisturizing lotion application.

Applying the lotion to both the transplanted and donor areas is the first step before shampooing your hair.

Apply a thick layer of the lotion to both regions of your scalp and let it on for 30 minutes.

Gently clean the scalp with medicinal shampoo.

Adjust the water’s temperature first. The temperature should be lukewarm 

Then, after rinsing off the lotion with water and ensuring that no residues remain, begin washing your hair.

Now take a tiny amount of shampoo in the palms of your hands. Then carefully wash your hair in circular movements, rubbing the transplanted and donor areas.

Finally, gently dry the hair on your scalp without rubbing it dry with a clean cotton towel.

During the first few days of bathing, you may have some minor pain and itching in the donor region. However, this is entirely natural and will subside over time.

Using the ointment

After you’ve dried your hair, the next step is to apply the lotion to the transplanted and donor areas. Make sure you don’t use too much cream. To cover both the regions, a dime-sized quantity is sufficient.

It should be used twice a day, once after washing your hair and once an hour before going to bed. The ointment will last for one week, and there will be no need to buy another when it runs out.

After a hair transplant, how often should you wash your hair?

For two weeks, patients must wash their hair daily or every other day (depending on their doctor’s suggestion).

Washing your hair once a day is sufficient, and after two weeks, you may resume your usual washing routine.

Why Is It Necessary To Wash The Scalp After A Hair Transplant?


Cleaning the scalp, the day after a hair transplant is mainly to remove any scabs or dried blood. As a result, healing could happen much more quickly, lowering the danger of infection spreading to the scalp. Allow the hair to air dry thoroughly after washing them.

What Should the Patients Avoid After A Hair Transplant?

For the initial one to two weeks, avoid scraping, plucking, or scratching the surgical area to allow the transplanted hair to settle in and get adequately attached to the scalp.

Hair should be cleaned twice a day with water rubbed gently into the scalp. Itching in the donor area is a possibility as well. The patient should not pick up the scabs once they have dried.

Wash the hair with any mild shampoo after 10 to 14 days and gently massage the operated area. The removal of scabs helps in normal hair growth. New hair growth will begin 2 to 3 months after the hair transplant.

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