Hymenoplasty is the cosmetic repair, restoration, or fabrication of a woman’s hymen, also known as hymenorrhaphy. The word “revirginization” refers to the process of repairing the hymen.

It is one of the delicate surgery which should be done under the guidance of a expertise doctor. Rejuvena cosmo care is one of the renowned and best clinic for Hymenoplasty in Jaipur. Dr. Deepesh Goyal is one of the leading plastic surgeon in Jaipur with years of expertise in plastic surgery and hair transplant.

What exactly is a Hymen?

A description of the hymenoplasty surgical procedure and a few statistics approximately the hymen can be beneficial in explaining the operation. The hymen is a bit of human tissue that looks like an oval rubber washing machine that partially or covers the vaginal opening. Depending on the use, this ring-formed membrane is probably skinny and bendy or thick and rigid. It starts to shape whilst the mom remains with inside the womb, normally for the fourth month of pregnancy.

What are some of the reasons for having a Hymenoplasty Procedure?

Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic procedure used to restore or reconstruct a woman’s hymen. They may be pursuing this surgery for a variety of reasons, including medical or psychological ones.

1. Accidental ripping or rupture

Perforation of the hymen because of bicycle or horseback rides, slipping on ice, or tampon insertion is simply now no longer suited for a few women, and that they pick Hymenoplasty to restore what become destroyed inadvertently.

2. Sexual pleasure enhancement

The vaginal muscular tissues may also weaken after delivery. Flaccidity develops with growing old as well. Additionally, hymenoplasty tightens those muscular tissues, ensuing in an extra sensually arousing sexual encounter.

3. Hymen septate

The hymenal tissue is split into bands that resemble ropes. They resemble tonsils on each end and can make tampon utilization or penile penetration difficult. Hymenotomy also can assist with this. A septate hymen also can discuss with a hymen this is fairly thick or stiff, which include the bulletproof one mentioned formerly in romantic mythology, and can want surgical entry.

4. Hymen with micro-perforations

This is corresponding to an imperforate hymen, and it’s far dealt with similarly. The aperture of a micro perforated hymen is slightly huge sufficient to permit menstrual flow. Unless a female desires to use tampons, it seldom reasons trouble or necessitates expansion.

Exactly what happens during a Hymenoplasty procedure?

Hymenoplasty is a not unusual place outpatient surgical procedure that can be finished beneath neath nearby anesthetic in our clinic. Any broken pores and skin across the hymen’s margins are trimmed away softly and cleanly, and the closing tissue is sewn together, leaving a tiny hole. The hymnal ring is lower back to its authentic length and form. If there aren’t always sufficient pores and skin to restore the hymen, or if one does not exist, the physician could make one out of the body’s skinny vaginal pores and skin (vaginal mucosa) or artificial tissue. A tiny quantity of blood, either synthetic or the patient’s personal drawn from a chunk of the vaginal flap, may be delivered to simulate traditional bleeding after insertion.

How long does it take to recover?

Depending on the quantity of the repair, the method would possibly take everywhere from one to 2 hours. Despite the truth that that is a healing remedy that calls for no hospitalization and lets in ladies go back to paintings the identical day, immoderate exercising and heavy lifting need to be avoided. There can be a few little bleeding for the duration of the primary forty-eight to seventy-two hours, however, that is pretty typical. It takes around six weeks for the frame to recover. There may be no seen symptoms of surgery, making it tough to differentiate between an herbal hymen and one which has been rebuilt. The rebuilding technique may be whole at this point, and you may be capable of sensing all the sensations related to virginal, first-time intercourse.


Complications are uncommon. However, if the patient exhibits any of the following symptoms, the doctor should be contacted:

  1. Dizziness
  2. After three days, the pain had progressed beyond mild discomfort.
  3. Discharge that is unusual or smells bad
  4. Severe itching
  5. Bleeding abnormally
  6. Inflammation.
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