We understand that an important part of your personality is your hair. So, balding becomes a major turn off and harm your confidence. Even though hair loss is genetic, you can treat it using a hair transplant.

The hair transplant surgery is not life-threatening and does not contain any major side effects. Still, note that the result depends on your hair transplant specialist experience. 

Currently, most people are going for the treatment of hair transplant in Jaipur. However, they do not know the crucial questions to consider before going for the surgery. Hence, before you decide whether you should have a hair transplant, consider the following things below:

Whether you are the right candidate

It is critical to know what makes you a candidate for a hair transplant. If hair loss is stable, then you are the right candidate for the procedure. It is because hair transplant surgery does not avoid progressing hair loss. Do not go for a hair transplant procedure at an early age. Also, you must not go for a transplant if your hair loss has just begun. It can lead to hair loss at a faster rate.

Keep realistic expectations

When you go for a hair transplant surgery, you must know that your hair re-growth will be different from others. The hair transplant surgery depends on the hair’s density in your donor place. Likewise, a hair transplant does not guarantee your head will have dense hair.

Cost of a hair transplant

If you are planning on getting a quality hair transplant, the expense is on the higher side. Hair transplant procedure requires an experienced hair transplant team of surgeons and technicians. If the hair transplant’s cost is the crucial factor guiding your thoughts about the surgery, think about how it fits in your budget. Remember, low-quality hair transplants can have negative and severe consequences.

Experience of your surgeon

Hair transplant design is a necessary step in getting an unnoticeable hair transplant. Your hair transplant specialist experience is necessary for the process. Likewise, the method used to extract the grafts and the specialist’s skill has a vital role in getting a quality hair transplant. 

Type of surgery – FUT or FUE

You must know which form of the hair transplant procedure, FUT or FUE, you want to choose. The difference between FUE and FUT is the way your donor’s hair is extracted from your scalp. Please consult with your hair transplant specialist to know more about each technique and which one is right for you. Note that each type of hair transplant has a different cost.

Whether hair transplant is permanent

It will be good to do your research regarding hair transplant methods before going for the surgery. Since your hair is removed and transplanted to bald areas, it can make the hair transplant a permanent procedure. Remember, once you begin the surgery, you must go through the whole hair transplant.

Post-surgery precautions 

When you are going for your procedure, note that it takes time to return to your regular activities. You will require several days of rest and care of your transplanted scalp. It is important to follow a few precautions following a hair transplant procedure. 

You must sleep on your back, and you cannot permit your head to touch anywhere. It is due to the area where transplantation occurred has weak follicles, which can be harmed. You can wear a shower cap as a precaution following the procedure.

Once your transplanted hair begins to develop, you can treat it as your normal hair. Remember, transplanted hair is the same as your natural hair. 

Hair transplantation returns your confidence after you have suffered hair loss. You can style it as you wish. Also, when it attains full growth, you do not need to take any extra care. You can wash and style your transplanted hair the same as your natural hair. 

Remember to have an experienced hair transplant specialist in Jaipur for your hair transplant and have realistic expectations. 

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