Dimples are usually considered as an attractive feature and associated with beauty. Now, the technological advancements in cosmetology have made it possible for virtually anyone to have a dimply smile.


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Dimple creation surgery can be done on one cheek or both the cheeks. Along with your surgeon, you can decide which would be the most optimal place for the dimples on your face. Both men and women can go for this surgery.


Dimple creation surgery is a daycare procedure performed at our hospital. Under local anaesthesia, a small depression is created in the cheek muscle. This is done from inside the mouth, thus causing no external scars. You will be awake and comfortable throughout the surgery. It takes about twenty minutes to perform a dimple surgery.


Besides a little swelling and bruising, there are minimal complications associated with this surgery. A surgically created dimple is prominent for the initial few weeks but later behaves like a natural dimple when it is visible only on smiling. Patient will be on antibiotics for only a couple of days after the surgery. However, he/she should be able to resume routine activities the following day. Dimple creation surgery is safe and effective and is also potentially reversible.

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