Generally, the suctioning is performed in the lower back above the buttocks, the back of the thigh just below the buttock fold, or on the hip at the side of the buttock. The goal is to create a natural rounded curve to the buttock that recalls the look of the slim, well-proportioned athletic body.
The tendency to accumulate fatty deposits on the buttocks may be inherited, and these deposits are often resistant to diet and exercise. When there is excess fat in localized areas, the overall proportions of the body may be unbalanced, and clothes do not fit well. When this is the case, liposuction can successfully trim excess fat to bring better balance and symmetry to the body.


After liposuction of the buttocks
Healing time of buttocks liposuction does not differ from liposuction of other areas. It is necessary to anticipate increased tenderness when sitting down, especially during the first days after the procedure.

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