The upper arm is notorious for looking floppy and flabby no matter how many targeted exercises you try, especially for women. Women are genetically predisposed to store extra fat in a few places throughout the body, and the upper arm area is one of them. Despite building up underlying muscle tone, the layer of fat on top often just stays put, disguising all your hard work. Upper arm liposuction is performed almost exclusively on female patients in Jaipur, and can provide the ideal solution for those women who want to have more sculpted upper arms when other methods haven’t worked.

The triceps muscle, which runs along the back of the upper arm, is particularly susceptible to becoming lost under a thicker layer of fat. However, only focusing on the back of the arm during lipo won’t deliver the most comprehensive results, since part of the flabby appearance in the upper back of the arm is due to hanging skin as well. By removing fat cells from 75% of the arm’s circumference or more, the weight distribution becomes more even, and skin elasticity can improve dramatically for a much slimmer look.

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