Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal In Jaipur

In the early days of laser hair removal, only individuals with light skin and dark hair could obtain the results they wanted. But in recent years, experts have been able to improve the technology to easily get rid of unwanted facial and body hair on many hair colors (excluding very light or blond, white or red hair).
The reason that early laser technologies only worked on dark hair have a lot to do with the method of hair removal itself.
It’s a totally non-invasive procedure – no needles, no prodding, just a guided beam of light that goes over the skin and affects only the hair follicle.
For full results, you’ll need more than one session. Depending on the area you’d like to have treated, the amount of hair we remove, and your own hair and skin characteristics, you’ll likely require three to eight sessions to see the results you want. Each session can ranges from half a minute to an hour, and occasionally more. Underarms, for instance, take only about three minutes for each section, while a session in which we remove hair from a man’s back could take longer than an hour.