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Gynecomastia Treated with Liposuction in Jaipur.

Patient Review

  • Patient's Name: Dev Pandaya
  • Patient's Age: 45
  • Patient's Gender: male


  • Extra fat on chest, stomach and back

Case Presentation

Mr. Dev Pandaya visited Dr. Deepesh Goyal, who is considered the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur by his patients. The patient shared his disappointment with his appearance because of excess fat caused by increased weight.

Dr. Deepesh Goyal performed various tests, including a hemoglobin (HB) test, an HIV test, and a Hepatitis B surface antigen test (HBsAg). Gynaecomastia was the diagnosis from the doctor.

The doctor recommended liposuction to get rid of the excess fat.

Mr. Dev decided to continue with liposuction. After a few weeks of treatment, the patient was much more pleased with his appearance. He felt much more at ease wearing all his clothes and going out with total confidence. Furthermore, Mr. Dev's weight showed a significant reduction from 110kg to 92kg.

Physical Examination & Tests

  • Hemoglobin test (HB)
  • HIV test
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)

Post-Operative Assessment

Dr. Deepesh advised Mr. Dev to wear compression garments. After liposuction, the doctor recommended wearing a compression jacket to help the body recover and provide relief during the healing process. The compression garment uniformly distributes pressure around the treatment area. It will prevent fluid build-up and assist the body in absorbing any that does develop.


This is what Mr. Dev had to say after his treatment: "The best liposuction treatment and friendly, experienced doctors. I am very happy with my treatment. The results are amazing after liposuction. My weight has reduced from 110kg to 92kg, which has also helped me eliminate my blood pressure problems. Dr. Deepesh Goyal did the treatment for me. He was very professional and gave me the best results."

Relevant Case Studies

Increased Belly Fat Treated with Tummy Tuck in Jaipur

Ms. Preeti visited Rejuvena Cosmo Care, a clinic known for offering the best plastic surgery in Jaipur. Ms. Preeti consulted our plastic surgeon Dr. Deepesh Goyal. The patient expressed her dissatisfaction with her body because of her big stomach. She found it difficult to do her daily activities and had other health problems as well.

Dr. Deepesh Goyal completed a haemoglobin (HB) test, an HIV test, and a Hepatitis B surface antigen test (HBsAg)., among other tests. The doctor diagnosed that Ms. Preeti had excess fat in her belly. To get rid of the extra weight, the doctor suggested a tummy tuck procedure. After understanding the necessary details of the tummy tuck procedure the patient was ready to go for it. There were no complications, and the procedure was carried out smoothly by Dr. Deepesh.

Ms. Preeti much happier about her appearance after a few weeks of the tummy tuck procedure. She was now able to perform her daily activities without any setbacks.

A case of Gynecomastia Treated with Liposuction and Breast Gland Removal.

Mr. Rajesh Saini visited Dr. Deepesh Goyal, who is considered the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur by his patients. The patient complained of extra fat on his chest and how it made him feel unsatisfied about his appearance. 

Dr. Deepesh Goyal conducted several tests, including Hemoglobin test (HB), HIV test, and Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). The doctor diagnosed the condition as Gynaecomastia

Since there was extra fat in the chest, the doctor suggested liposuction to get rid of the excess fat and removal of the breast gland tissue as well

Mr. Rajesh decided to go forward with liposuction and breast gland tissue removal. After a few weeks of surgery, Mr.Rajesh found his appearance much more appealing. He was now much more comfortable in wearing all his clothes and going out with full confidence. 

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